Mountaineering & Exploring Foxfire Mountain

Winter hours for exploring Foxfire Mountain 11:00-3:00, ends March 1

Hike through miles of old-growth forest and lush pasture land while listening to the sounds of Dunn’s Creek as it flows across the river rock at the base of Foxfire Mountain. Feel exhilarated as you trek across Foxfire Gorge on The Bridge to Prosperity and hike through the treetops on our series of rope bridges in the Evergreen Grotto. Gasp in awe at our very own waterfall that disguises our historic iron mine. Let your kids explore the forest and build their confidence in Lava Valley, our kids obstacle course.

The Bridge to Prosperity, America’s Longest Swinging Bridge, stretches 335 ft. across Foxfire Gorge. This ‘magical’ bridge has been the gateway for thousands of wishes on their way to Prosperity Mountain. Feel the bridge sway as you walk across to hang your wish in the Whispering Winds Covered Bridge on the other side. Home to thousands of wishes, this covered bridge will be a big part of your Foxfire memories when you take some time to read the other wishes hanging there.
Have you ever hiked through the trees before? Check out our Walking Tree Canopy Tour in the Evergreen Grotto. This series of bouncy rope bridges will leave you smiling as you navigate through the trees and over The Bridge to Prosperity. Take time to stack some stones and build your very own carin for good luck.
When you are ready you can begin the hike to Lost Mine Falls situated over the historic Sweden Furnace Iron Mine. The hike from The Bridge to Prosperity up to Lost Mine Falls is approximately 1/2 mile, so the round-trip is about 1 mile, and features beautiful forest scenery and lots of opportunity for photos.
Walk through the Magical Forest on the River Walk Trail and stop for a moment to watch the kids as they try not to set a foot in the imaginary “hot lava” while navigating the mountainside obstacle course, then venture to the historic farm pasture and observation overlook to take a gander at two of the largest horned Watusi cattle in the country and our lovable llamas.
Bring a picnic basket and enjoy a meal alongside Dunn’s Creek at the picnic tables provided. The River Walk Trail is very easy and takes about an hour.



Pebbles, our Watusi says, “Eat a pork sandwich” .

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