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The Great Smoky Mountain region is famous for its colorful folklore and tall tales, and Foxfire Mountain is no exception! One of the most popular stories about Foxfire Mountain is that of the Appalachian Wyiles.

Legend has it that centuries ago, when Irish immigrants set out for greener pastures in the New World, a number of leprechauns stowed away on ships sailing for North America. Since the early 1600s, the descendants of these leprechauns have made their home in the mountains of Appalachia, hiding away from human society. Over time, these mythical creatures came to be known as “Wyiles”.

Here at Foxfire Mountain, we are lucky enough to have our very own clan of Wyiles! To help you prepare for your next visit to our adventure park, we have put together a guide to everything you need to know about the Wyiles.

The Wyiles play music and dance at night.

Characteristics of the Wyiles

Like their leprechaun ancestors, the Wyiles are a small people. Men stand at around 3 ½ feet tall, and women are about 6 inches shorter. With their bright red hair, pointed noses, and crooked teeth, the Wyiles are quite a sight to see! The men typically sport long beards and denim overalls, while the female Wyiles are known for their flowing dresses and brightly colored bonnets.

In order to keep their distance from mankind, the Wyiles live in tree houses high in the forest canopy. The Wyiles are especially well suited for climbing trees because they have six toes on each foot!

When the sun sets at Foxfire Mountain, the Wyiles come out to play. While humans are fast asleep in their beds, the Wyiles spend their nights making music, dancing, and drinking apple cider. The Wyiles love to play the fiddle and banjo and have even been known to kidnap bluegrass musicians who stray too far into the forest. In exchange for a few nights of entertainment, the captive musicians are blessed with good fortune when they are released.

The Wyiles pick apples for their famous cider.

The Wyile Cider Barn at Foxfire Mountain

The Wyiles make the very best apple cider on Earth. Some say that the Wyiles learned this skill from their Irish ancestors, while others believe that a chance encounter with Johnny Appleseed along the Appalachian Trail is the source of their cider making knowledge.

When you visit Foxfire Mountain, you can try this famous apple cider for yourself at the Wyile Cider Barn. Our cidery currently offers two varieties of alcoholic cider for guests who are 21 and over and a non-alcoholic sweet cider that is perfect for visitors of all ages. Images of the Wyiles adorn every bottle of cider, and you will also see their grinning faces on a number of T-shirts and other gifts.

The Wyiles read wishes at the Whispering Winds Covered Bridge.

Granting Wishes on Prosperity Mountain

Many years ago, the early settlers of Foxfire Mountain would try to capture the Wyiles because of their reputed power to grant wishes. However, the elusive Wyiles proved almost impossible to catch. On the rare occasion that a Wyile was captured, he would invariably become angry and refuse to grant any wishes.

Eventually, the humans of Foxfire Mountain tried a different tactic. Instead of hunting the Wyiles, they wrote their wishes down and left these pieces of paper on top of a mountain for the creatures to read at their leisure. The Wyiles much preferred this arrangement and would sometimes grant wishes if they were in a good mood or were moved by the request. The mountain where the wishes were left was soon given the name “Prosperity Mountain”.

Today, visitors to Foxfire Mountain can leave their own wishes for the Wyiles. First, guests will cross The Bridge to Prosperity, which is the longest swinging bridge in America. Once they reach Prosperity Mountain, visitors will find the Whispering Winds Covered Bridge, where thousands of wishes have been tucked into the ceiling of the wood building. If you’re lucky, a Wyile might just grant your wish!

The Wyiles bring apples to their cidery at Foxfire Mountain.

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