Wyile on a Shelf Giveaway

If you’ve found this page, that means you’re looking for clues for the Wylie on a Shelf Giveaway! You may be wondering, what’s a Wylie? Area legends talk about mysterious, leprechaun-like creatures that call the Smoky Mountains home.

These Wylies were known for their love of music, and for making the best apple cider you’ll ever taste. At Foxfire Mountain, our on-site cider house has adopted the legend of the Wyiles as inspiration for its famous hard craft ciders and non-alcoholic craft ciders.

Read below to get tips for today’s trivia questions, or check out this article to learn more about the story of the Wyiles.

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O’Klee, Clan Leader of the Smoky Mountain Clan of the Appalachian Wyiles

O’Klee was known as the Clan leader of the Smoky Mountain Clan of the Appalachian Wyiles. He was a mature mentor known for his wisdom, integrity, and serious nature. The cider that takes its name from O’Klee is a dry cider that combines a complex character with rich, tart properties for an austere finish.

Tulip, Matriarch of the Wyiles

Tulip is O’Klee’s nature-loving wife. She is known for her love of growing fruits, berries, and nuts, as well as for her caring nature.

Scrumpy, Best Friend of O’Klee

Scrumpy is another Wyile of the Smoky Mountain Clan of the Appalachian Wyiles. He is O’Klee’s close friend. He’s known as a full-bodied, joyful Wyile who’s known for for his dopey grin.

Be sure to participate every day of the Wyile on a Shelf Giveaway to maximize your chance to win a $50 gift certificate to Wyile Cider and 4 Discover Foxfire Passes!

Giveaway Rules and Eligibility



The Wyile on a Shelf Giveaway will run on our Facebook page from 12/12/2017 until 12/24/2017.


A photo of the Wyiles will be posted on the Foxfire Mountain Facebook page every day with a trivia question. Participants can enter the contest by liking the post and leaving the correct answer in the comments of the post. Participants can potentially have 12 entries into the giveaway by participating every day of the contest.


After the contest concludes on December 24th, all entries to the contest will be collected into a randomized list and a winner will be randomly selected using a random number generator.

The selected winner will receive one $50 gift certificate for any Wyile Cider product as well as four Discover Foxfire Passes. The passes and gift certificate will be delivered electronically, either by email or Facebook messenger.


To enter the contest you must be 21 years of age or older. Additionally, only people who like the Foxfire Mountain Facebook Page will be eligible to enter the contest.